Past CTA Green Grant Recipients

In 2017, CTA granted an additional $76,000 to EverFi to continue implementing the CTA Future Innovators Program into Clark County schools. CTA also provided Green Our Planet, a grant recipient from 2015 and 2016, with $15,000 to build four additional garden classrooms throughout Clark County. Additionally, CTA granted $10,000 to Touro University Nevada to further upgrade its campus to LED lighting.

In 2016, CTA granted $76,000 to EverFi, an education technology company, to incorporate the CTA Future Innovators Program into Clark County schools. This digital course will provide middle and high school students with a foundation of critical skills in technology, entrepreneurship and business. CTA also provided Green Our Planet, a grant recipient from 2015, with $14,000 to build three additional garden classrooms throughout the Clark County School District. Additionally, CTA granted $10,000 to Touro University Nevada to install an electric vehicle charging station on its campus.

In 2015, CTA provided Green Our Planet with a grant of $65,000 to support the Outdoor Garden Classroom program. As a result, Green Our Planet installed 14 outdoor garden classrooms around Las Vegas, teaching over 10,000 students about environmental issues and providing them with healthy food. To learn more about this project, visit their website.

CTA also granted $25,000 to Green Chips to support the installation of a solar energy system to power Opportunity Village’s Magical Forest. Additionally, CTA provided Touro University with a $10,000 grant to upgrade the exterior lighting fixtures on campus from fluorescent bulbs to energy-saving LED lights.  

In 2014, CTA granted $10,000 to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ DesertSol project. UNLV’s DesertSol solar house was the second-place winner, and first among U.S. organizations, at the 2013 U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon. This grant was to congratulate the UNLV DesertSol team on their success and help further the DesertSol project.

CTA also granted $25,000 to the Springs assist in the move of DesertSol to its permanent location in Las Vegas. DesertSol opened to the public in February 2014 and will remain a site for continued research and development of renewable energy for UNLV faculty, students and industry professionals.

In 2013, CTA contributed $50,000 to Green Chips for a project that transformed the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign on Las Vegas Boulevard into a solar-powered masterpiece. CTA also gave to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority to install electric vehicle charging stations at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

In 2012, CTA granted $50,000 to Green Chips to retrofit the Las Vegas Rescue Mission with solar panel systems to reduce energy costs and lower operating costs enabling Rescue Mission to focus on serving the homeless of Las Vegas. Additionally, CTA gave $25,000 to Repurpose AMERICA to use repurposed banners from the CES to create a sunshade at UNLV’s Rebel Recycling Center.

In 2011, CTA donated $75,000 to Green Chips to retrofit the Salvation Army with solar panel systems to reduce energy costs and utilize the ultimate source of renewable energy.

In 2010, CTA donated $50,000 to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department to purchase seven Vetrix electric motorcycles which are on the streets of the tourist corridor every day helping to keeping Las Vegas both safe and green.

In 2009, CTA granted $100,000 to the Clark County School District to support their school recycling program.