BeautyTech Summit

presented by Living in Digital Times

The inaugural BeautyTech Showcase at CES 2016 received unprecedented media coverage and featured remarkable innovations breaking new barriers in the beauty and personal care industries. From wearable UV sensors and 3-D printed nails to at-home lasers and augmented reality makeover apps—2017’s showcase will convene today’s most cutting-edge beauty tech.

Top Three Topics: 
  • Virtually Flawless! Makeovers from VR to AR: Meet the game-changers revolutionizing the beauty industry with cutting-edge tech
  • The Meteoric Rise of In-Home Beauty Tech: Discover how tech is empowering DIY consumers with remarkable, BEAUTIFUL results
  • Futuristic Beauty: DIY Lasers to AR Mirrors: Tech putting the beauty tools of the future in your hands

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