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Vehicle technology is using AI, big data and robotics. Learn how this is revolutionizing the auto industry. Connected vehicle technology will improve the quality of lives by solving transportation challenges. Experts unveil Auto-ISAC and discuss cybersecurity in the automotive industry.

Top Three Topics:

  • How is big data, AI and robotics changing mobility?
  • Explore the latest vehicle technology and the potential of connected vehicle tech
  • Auto-ISAC introduced. Cybersecurity threats and the auto industry

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10:15-11:15 AM January 11

LVCC, North Hall, N256

As populations across the globe are shifting older, transportation becomes a major challenge. Learn how self driving vehicles can enable independence for everyone - including the millions of older adults and people with disabilities who currently have limited transportation options.

Stephen Ewell
Executive Director,
Consumer Technology Association Foundation

11:30 AM-12:30 PM January 11

LVCC, North Hall, N256

Learn how big data, AI and robotics will transform mobility, from unlocking productivity and creating emotional bonds to delivering new forms of entertainment.

Pete Bigelow
Transportation Technology & Mobility Editor,
Car and Driver

Nick Sugimoto
Honda Innovations

1-2 PM January 11

LVCC, North Hall, N256

The panel will introduce the Auto-ISAC and discuss cybersecurity threats and how the automotive industry is working to detect and prevent such attacks. How vulnerable are vehicles to cyber-attack? How do organizations work together to secure the automotive industry?

2:15-3:15 PM January 11

LVCC, North Hall, N256

Cars that talk to each other? Augmented reality dashboards, biometric vehicle access and cool new entertainment systems? Flying cars by 2020? Explore the latest vehicle technology and its potential to revolutionize the industry. Find out what’s ahead.

Andrew Poliak
VP Product Planning and Business Development,