Entertainment & Content

The Intersection of Technology and Content

Since 2017, Entertainment Matters has become a part of C Space, the experiential program designed for advertising, content, entertainment and marketing communities. 

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Why We Merged Entertainment Matters and C Space

Entertainment Matters was developed to help entertainment and content professionals navigate CES. As the industry has evolved, so has the experience at CES. Technology is shifting how consumers access content and view advertising, and C Space allows these independent industries the opportunity to learn how technology impacts consumer entertainment consumption.

C Space hosts a broad range of participants, from Hollywood elite and content developers to marketing execs and distribution channel managers. It's where radical new technologies are discovered and the verticals of the global media business are the forefront of conversations.

With the merger of these two programs, the depth of opportunities will grow immensely.

Welcome to a new era of networking, learning and discovery. Welcome to C Space.