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Smart Cities CES 2018

Experience the Smart Cities Conference and Exhibition

CES is the global event that brings together the technologies, solutions, thought leaders and audiences in the smart city arena on topics including:

  • Smart Cities and Venues
  • Smart Transportation and Automotive
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Smart Energy and Smart Grid
  • Healthcare and Public Safety
  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics 

Exhibit and Host Meetings at CES Smart Cities

Connect with the audiences and solutions you need to support your strategic investments by exhibiting and hosting meetings at CES, the only show where the whole connected ecosystem comes together.

Learn at the Smart Cities Conference Program

If you’re a key decision make, influencer, buyer or investor in the smart city arena, join us for three days of conference programming. Conference topics will include:

  • Smart Transportation
  • Smart Energy and Smart Grid
  • Public Safety
  • Healthcare 
  • Data, Analytics and Security 
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Governance and Policies


Learn More About Smart Cities

Smart Cities at CES 2017

Qualcomm Keynote
Steve Mollenkopf, CEO of Qualcomm Inc., showed how Qualcomm is leading the way in 5G connectivity.

New Technologies Revolutionizing Mobility and Tourism
An expert panel discussed the future or tourism and mobility, including challenges with policy and bringing innovations to market.


See Panasonic’s vision for the Smart City of the future at their CES 2017 exhibit.

CES Smart Cities Hackathon, presented by Amazon Alexa and ReadWrite
Las Vegas Eyes Hackathon Winners for Civic Tech Ideas

Read More About Smart Cities

  • Making Smart Cities Look Good
    All the equipment that comes along with a smart city, including Wi-Fi antennas, sensors, and cameras, is popping up in urban areas around the world. And by 2050, 70 percent of the world’s population is forecasted to live in cities. As more cities transform into smart ones to meet the demand, more of these sensors and antennas will be present, so why not make them look good?
  • Smart Cities: The Next Big Thing
    The smart city is a concept most industry folk understand, as this idea is generally viewed through the lens of technology and data analytics. But in reality the definition — and implementation — of smart cities is much more elaborate.
  • Three Reasons Why You Should Invest in Smart Cities Now
    Smart cities are the urban landscapes of the future. Powered by the ubiquitous connectivity of the Internet of Things (IoT), smart cities collect data on a variety of factors — from pollution to traffic — and employ that data to make cities safer and more sustainable. 
  • The Future Is Bright for Smart Cities
    Expressed as connected, data-driven communities designed to foster a better quality of life through improved urban efficiency and greater environmental sustainability, smart cities represent the grandest summation of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.
  • Smart Cities on the Rise
    Many of our metropolitan areas are in urgent need of an infrastructure upgrade. Current transportation, energy, water and waste systems were not designed for a rapidly rising population and the consequences are dire.

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