C Space

The CES experience for the advertising, content, entertainment and marketing communities

Share your content, creativity and technology with like-minded professionals in creative communications, brand marketing, advertising, digital publishing, social networking and entertainment.

Location: ARIA at CES Tech South

C Space is a creative, media-focused setting for networking, learning and discovery. Gain direct access to the most creative business leaders, decision makers and influencers responsible for disruptive technologies and innovation worldwide. 

Activate your brand at C Space through custom opportunities with meeting rooms and hospitality suites, exhibit space, VIP events and sponsored experiences, branding and promotional opportunities, and thought leadership.

Video: This Is Where the "Whoa" Happens

Let’s create an experience to kick-start your connections to lucrative partnerships and groundbreaking innovations, at the world’s most influential technology event.

C Space Exhibits

The C Space Experience

From Hollywood elite and content developers to marketing execs and creative geniuses, gain access to the world’s best networking, discoveries and inspiration.

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C Space Partners

See CES 2017 C Space Participants

A captivating narrative came to life from these leading brands and their distinctive participation in C Space.

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C Space Stage

C Space Conference Programming

Gain insight, expertise and advice from the influencers and major decision makers themselves.

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