Registration Information

Registration for CES 2018 opens Sept. 6, 2017.

We are committed to a secure and safe CES experience, and the following guidelines can help you have a smooth registration process.

A Few Special Registration Requirements

  • Date of birth: In line with guidance from federal law enforcement and industry best practices, we are requiring date of birth (DOB) for all CES registrants.
  • Unique email address: New for CES 2018, we will be requiring a unique, verifiable email address for each registrant.
  • Badge photo: ​CES badges will now feature a photo ID.

Exhibitor Registration Guidelines

  • Badge photos are optional for exhibitors. 
  • Date of birth is required for all exhibitor personnel. 
  • Unique, verifiable email address is required for all exhibitor personnel. Unique email addresses will allow your exhibitor personnel to access their own record and provide their date of birth and other secure personal details.

Process for Exhibitor Coordinators

With the following process, exhibitor coordinators still have control over the badge allotment, but individual exhibitor personnel can provide their own personal details.

Exhibitor coordinators will receive an email prior to registration opening with login information.

You will have two options to register your exhibitor personnel.

1. If you are able to provide all personal details for your exhibitor personnel, including DOB, you may register them in full and will receive a confirmation email.

All individuals will also receive a confirmation email that they have been registered and will have the ability to access their personal record and the option to upload a headshot photo for their badge ID.

2. If you are unable to provide all personal details for your exhibitor personnel, you may simply enter their first name, last name and unique email address to start the process.

All individuals will then receive an email asking them to complete their personal details. After personal details are added, registration is complete and both individuals and the exhibitor coordinator will receive a final confirmation email.