Smart Cities at CES: A Full Schedule of Seeing What Future Cities Could Be

Overview At CES® 2020, experience the technologies, solutions, players and audiences in the smart cities sector come together to power the future of society.

The advanced technology that helps shape the future of smart cities also keeps communities connected and secure.

Explore a smart cities-focused CES 2020 schedule and add your favorites to your agenda.

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Tuesday, January 7

Smart Mobility & The Future of Cities

3-3:45 PM
Sands, Hall G, Startup Stage

Cities are undergoing a digital transformation as new technologies are complemented by a broad range of mobility services revolutionizing how we live, travel and connect.

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Wednesday, January 8

The Reality of Smart City Development

1-2 PM
Westgate, Level 1, Ballroom F

The smart city market is expected to grow to over $158 billion in 2022. Coming advancements are expected to make everyday life more efficient through traffic patterns and air quality, emergency preparedness, wayfinding and optimal energy consumption.

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What’s Next for Vehicle Automation

2:15-3:15 PM
Westgate, Level 1, Ballroom F

Automation in transportation has the potential to improve quality of life, reduce crashes and fatalities, and enhance the mobility and independence of millions. But with so many new entrants in the automated vehicle space, how do we ensure the safe introduction of the technology on our roads? Join the U.S. Department of Transportation and industry leaders as they discuss the intersection between connectivity and vehicle automation.

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Blending New Tech and Aging Infrastructure in Smart Cities

3:30-4:30 PM
Westgate, Level 1, Ballroom F

City officials face the challenges of aging infrastructure and how to fix their crumbling streets, sewers and subways. Striving for improvement through renewal, cities are repurposing existing infrastructure and adding new tech for smart city solutions.

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Thursday, January 9

Network Infrastructure Is Key to Smart Cities

9-10 AM
Westgate, Level 1, Ballroom F

Industry studies predicts that 70% of IoT devices will use cellular connections by 2022. Explore how smart cities are focused on robust and reliable network connectivity for optimal communication.

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Top Security Trends in Smart Cities

10:15-10:45 AM
Westgate, Level 1, Ballroom F

Security is top of mind for connected cities. Learn how smart cities are preparing to prevent digital disruptions in their health care, communication and emergency systems.

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Public-Private Partnerships to Create Smart Cities

11:30 AM-12:30 PM
Westgate, Level 1, Ballroom F

Initiatives to redesign cities so that they are smarter and more sustainable are increasing worldwide. Cities and smart solution providers are coming together to address the greatest challenges as metropolitan areas strive to advance their technology.
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The Sharing Economy Takes Over the Road

2:15-3:15 PM
LVCC, North Hall, N262

In the cities of the future, how will public transit continue to innovate? Keep pace with the advancement of technology in buses and trams, scooters and rideables and the blue sky — transportation methods we haven’t even started productizing yet.

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See the Latest Smart Cities Innovations

Don’t miss the latest smart cities innovations on the CES show floor.

Smart Cities Exhibits


CES Smart Cities represents the entire connected ecosystem that brings together the technologies, solutions, players and audiences in the smart city sector, including IoT, 5G connectivity, transportation and smart automotive, energy and utilities, health and public safety, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. See how smart cities will influence policies, transportation, cities and towns, our industry and our planet.

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Innovation Awards Showcase

Venetian, Venetian Ballroom

At the Innovation Awards Showcase, products honored in the CES Innovation Awards program — an annual competition recognizing outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products — are on display. See the 12 products honored in the Smart Cities category.

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