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General Motors Forges Path to Electric Vehicle Adoption

Overview General Motors Chairman and CEO Mary Barra returns in-person to the keynote stage during CES® 2022 to share GM’s vehicle technology roadmap and reveal plans for the all new Chevrolet Silverado EV — GM’s latest vehicle designed to advance mobility and transition to a net zero carbon future.

For 25 years, General Motors (GM) been racing to create affordable, long range electric vehicles (EV). Utilizing CES® as a platform to display their evolving technology, GM has steadily pushed the automotive industry towards electric vehicle adoption. And they aren’t slowing down any time soon.  
Following her popular opening session at the all-digital CES 2021, GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra returns to the CES keynote stage in 2022 to discuss the new generation of EVs set to inspire drivers and accelerate the transition to a net zero carbon future.

“At General Motors, our vision for the future is a world with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion,” Barra said. “The key to unlock that vision is electrification. The electrification of global transportation can help reduce emissions and power the advanced systems and connectivity between vehicles and transportation infrastructure to help reduce congestion and crashes.”
The path toward this goal is encouraging the adoption of EVs and electrification. For GM, this means placing an emphasis on creating vehicles and in-car services that can personalize the driving experience and meet consumer desires.

Rethinking Electric Vehicle Design
Recently GM announced that it’s already impressive line of all-electric vehicles would be growing with the addition of the all-new Chevrolet Silverado EV. This highly anticipated, revolutionary truck will be unveiled for the first time at CES 2022. 

Designed to offer more than 400 miles of drive time, GM’s newest EV is built on the same vehicle tech used in the GMC Hummer EV, Cadillac Lyriq and the Cadillac Celestiq — all of which first appeared at CES 2021. 

GM expects to increase the popularity of EV’s by rethinking the look and feel to provide more flexibility to customize what GM calls the personality of the vehicle. And the Chevrolet Silverado EV is no exception. The pickup will feature a variety of options, including a fixed-glass roof and four-wheel steering.

With modularity, function and style, GM aims to help every driver find an EV that fits their needs.

EVs Beyond the Road
“Electrification will be a catalyst for a range of new experiences, and that includes how autonomous vehicles will transform our daily experience,” Barra said.

Along with cars, GM expects that its vertical takeoff and landing drone concepts can revolutionize personal air travel and represent personal aerial luxury in the near future. But beyond transportation, even, Barra and her team see an opportunity where delivery and logistics could contribute to an all-electric future that better meets evolving consumer expectations and lifestyles.

GM’s BrightDrop business is one example. BrightDrop is a connected ecosystem of smart products that can reduce vehicles and environmental impact while meeting growing delivery needs, partnering with FedEx, for example, to increase safety and security of delivery while sending out more packages per day. Reliable logistics provided by solutions such as BrightDrop can help carriers ship vital items such as COVID-19 vaccine doses in a timely manner.

GM believes that this is an inflection point in history and is the moment where the world can take the opportunity to transition to an all-electric future — one that is in fact better catered to each driver and consumer.

Discover the Technology Redefining the Automotive Industry
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Watch the General Motors Keynote

At CES 2021, General Motors Chairman and CEO Mary Barra presents the opening keynote address during CES 2021. Barra's keynote shares a closer look at GM's transformational strategy to advance mobility for communities around the world. Laying the foundation for an all-electric future is just the beginning.

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