Earn Continuing Medical Education Credits at CES

Disruptive Innovations in Health Care Conference Track
Thursday, Jan. 9

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® is partnering with the American College of Cardiology to highlight tech innovations creating solutions for patient care.

Health care professionals can earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits by attending the sessions in the Disruptive Innovations in Health Care conference track at CES 2020. 

Who Should Attend

The Disruptive Innovations in Health Care conference program is designed for health care professionals interested in experiencing the latest technology solutions to improve their patients' lives and transform the future of the health care industry.

Why Earn CME Credits at CES

Only at CES do you get the hands-on opportunity to experience the full digital health ecosystem from artificial intelligence and digital therapeutics to predictive analytics — technologies addressing real-world issues like opioid dependence, mental illness, chronic disease and more.

What Topics Will Be Covered

Conference sessions in the Disruptive Innovations in Health Care track at CES 2020 will include topics such as the following: 

  • Value-based care.
  • Home health care.
  • Integrating digital health information into the clinical workflow.
  • Digital health technology (wearables and sensors).
  • Patient-generated data.
  • Payment, incentives and the regulatory environment.
  • Remote patient monitoring.
  • Best practices for successful clinician and technology partnerships.

Sessions will feature a key speaker who will tee-up the topic with a brief presentation and then moderate a panel discussion.

The full day of programming will also introduce original research and guidance documents.  

Conference Programming Announced Soon

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