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CES 2022 Call for Speakers Is Now Closed

We believe events like CES® that bring innovators together to solve the world’s most pressing challenges are more important than ever.

CES speakers gather on the global stage of innovation to redefine technology, inspire future innovation and shape global conversations.​

Important Dates:

July 30: CES Call for Speakers Closes

September 2 - November 5: Applicants notified of speaking status

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® challenges the global technology industry to propose the best speakers from all backgrounds to speak on the CES stages.

CTA encourages the industry to bring forward thought leaders, innovators and technology experts to be considered for the opportunity to be on one of the world's most influential platforms.

Global innovation will achieve its fullest potential by embracing individuals from all backgrounds. We're calling on the entire tech industry to ensure we have full representation and a diversity of voices for CES 2022.

CES provides a platform for tech experts at every stage of their careers, from startups in Eureka Park to global brands.

In an industry where women are often relegated to the shadows, CES has become a global stage for tech's female talent to shine.

Shelley Zalis, CEO
The Female Quotient

The Best and Brightest in the Industry

Featured Speakers from CES 2021

See some of the consumer technology industry's visionaries who presented at CES 2021. 

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CES Speaker Benefits

  • Confirmed CES Speakers will receive a complimentary conference pass for CES 2022.

  • CES will promote you as an official CES speaker on relevant marketing materials.

  • Speakers will have access to Speaker Lounges on-site

  • Speakers are responsible for arranging their own hotel and travel arrangements. CES does not pay speakers to participate in the conference program or to travel to CES.

Speaker Selection Criteria

Due to the significant number of submissions we receive each year for limited speaking slots, the CES content team makes selections considering the following criteria:

  • Concise objectives with actionable takeaways for attendees.
  • A unique take on the latest trends in technology that will inspire and educate.
  • A diverse voice and point of view.
  • Shows engagement, mobilization and enthusiasm on the topic.

Conference Program Curation

Speaker Review and Selection Process

The CES Conference Advisory Board is composed of the industry’s most credible and distinguished thought leaders throughout various areas of technology. The board counsels CTA on the strategic direction for the conference program, speaker recommendations and content themes and provides insight into the research community.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® strives to deliver one of the most empirical speaker selection processes in the industry. The best submissions demonstrate the speaker is a catalyst for innovation and change and an influencer in the industry.

Speakers for CES 2022 are independently selected based on area of expertise.

Questions? Contact Us

For inquiries related to our Call for Speakers, please contact the CES Conferences Team.