Planning for CES Unveiled 2020 in Europe

Last updated July 16, 2020

Planning for the CES® Unveiled 2020 series in Europe is underway. However, we recognize this is a unique and uncertain time, and it is crucial that we provide regular updates about CES Unveiled to help all our attendees make plans. Like you, we are learning more each day about the effects of COVID-19. As show organizers, we are working to apply what we learn in this new environment to produce a healthy and successful CES Unveiled experience for all.

Planning for a Smaller Physical Event

CES Unveiled in Amsterdam and Paris will be smaller events than they have been in recent years. Fewer people will be able to travel to the events which will allow us to create more space to spread out and help enable social distancing.

Streaming Sessions

CES Unveiled attracts audiences from around Europe who want to be first to see and experience the latest technology innovations. For CES Unveiled 2020, we will make the show’s content accessible for our digital audiences.  

Best Practices for Health and Safety

Your safety, security and health are always our top priority. We will continue to follow the recommendations and guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as those issued by local officials. We will adapt and change our plans as recommendations become available. We will post regular updates here on\Unveiled.  

Some measures we are implementing include: 

  • We will clean and sanitize our venues regularly. Sanitization stations will be available throughout all venues.
  • To enable social distancing, physical attendance for our conference sessions and key events will be limited. 
  • We will create wider aisles and walkways for attendees. 

We are working closely with the Beurs van Berlage and the Palais Brongiart as they develop and implement plans to safely host events like CES Unveiled.  

Though we are excited for CES Unveiled 2020, we also recognize the possibility that new developments with the pandemic may require us to cancel the physical, in-person events. This would be a difficult decision but may be necessary. In that event, we will move forward with all-digital events. 

Thank you for your support during what is an uncertain time for all of us. We will continue to provide regular updates.