Exhibitor PR Opportunities

Maximize Your Media Reach

How do you make sure that your story is noticed by the media during CES? Don’t worry, we've got you covered.

Additional opportunities to amplify your CES presence and best practices for engaging with media will be available late summer.

Provide Your Company’s PR Contact

Make it easier for media to reach you with important questions and have direct access to all PR opportunities at CES. Update your company’s PR contact in the Exhibitor Dashboard.

PR contacts will receive the Exhibitor PR Newsletter and are shared with CES media upon request.

Media Events

Learn more on how to host and promote a press conference at CES.

The CES 2022 media list will be available through the Exhibitor Dashboard later this fall. The list includes contact information for all media that opted in to receiving targeted exhibitor news about new products and announcements happening during CES.

Tips for Using the Media List


  • Understand what topics and information interest a journalist before reaching out.

  • Use the product category filter to outreach to media that cover your product(s).

  • Customize and personalize emails, while keeping the messaging short and concise.


  • Send the same messaging to the same journalist multiple times.

  • Blast the entire list. This will result in more journalists choosing to opt out in the future and will not result in quality interest from journalists.

Virtual Media Interview Best Practices

CES is an opportunity to share your company news with global media. Review our virtual media interview best practices to ensure you look and send your best. 

Exhibitor Press Release Distribution and Online Media Kits from Cision PR Newswire

Send your new product launches, event news and more over the industry's strongest distribution network, Cision PR Newswire — the official wire and online media kit service for CES 2021.

With Cision PR Newswire, exhibitors can access a network of 4000+ websites, nearly 3000 media outlets and 550 news content systems — all for an economical price. All press releases distributed will automatically post to the official CES Exhibitor News page.

Services include:

  • Press release and multimedia distribution

  • Online media kits (includes building, hosting, updates and email news distribution).

  • Branded multichannel press releases with 5-10K guaranteed page views.

  • Co-op media tour opportunities like "New Year’s Tech Trends with Todd Townsend" (limited availability).

  • Media database, monitoring, insights and more.

All services include access to strategic counseling to ensure you receive the best results.

For more information, visit https://ces.vporoom.com/order or contact us at VPO@cision.com or 856-296-8454.