Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor Registration

Register for CES as an exhibitor appointed contractor (EAC), an independent contractor hired by an exhibiting company. EACs can include booth builders, supervisors or designers, independent display companies, delivery personnel or technicians.

Register as an EAC

EACs will be granted access to the CES exhibit floor to service an exhibitor only if all of the criteria is met.

The LVCC requires all show-appointed and/or exhibitor-appointed companies to submit an application annually.

Please note, exhibitors will receive a notification confirming that the EAC has registered to perform work for them at the show. Exhibitors should contact CES Operations if an error has been made.

The LVCC requires all laborers to display an ESCA Exhibition Industry Worker Identification System (WIS) badge at all times. Visit www.ESCA.org for more information on this program.

EAC registration will open in the fall.