Solutions for Women FAQs

What is the Global Tech Challenge: Solutions for Women?

The Global Tech Challenge: Solutions for Women, presented by CES® and the World Bank Group, calls for innovative solutions that can bridge the gender digital divide through a focus on both supply- and demand-side challenges that constrain women’s access and use of digital technologies.

The challenge will award scalable, innovative solutions that seek to address four key focus areas:  

  • Digital platforms that uniquely serve the needs of women and girls in emerging markets.

  • Digital skills products and programs with a focus to closing the gender digital divide.

  • Applications and technology solutions that provide relevant online content that is tailored toward women and girls.

  • Innovative business models that relax supply-side barriers to accessing digital technologies.

The challenge is open to for-profit, not-for-profit and public interest organizations. Recently registered organizations are also eligible to apply.

There are no eligibility restrictions based on the size of the organization. Startups, privately traded companies and or publicly traded organizations are invited to apply.

There are no restrictions on the size of public interest organizations, and no restrictions based on the organization’s focus area or current business lines. Organizations that are exploring gendered effects of existent solutions are eligible to apply. 

We encourage the participation of organizations in emerging and developing countries.

Individuals, UN agencies and governments are not eligible to apply. 

The same organization can submit multiple entries if each entry targets a different focus area. Multiple submissions from the same organization will be evaluated as stand-alone entries.

The deadline for applications is midnight (23:59) in the applicant’s local time zone.

Applicants will be required to submit a two-page narrative proposal detailing their solution that seeks to address one of the four key focus areas. The proposal should explain:

  • The solution’s theory of change.

  • Evidence of the solution’s prior impact on target populations.

  • Potential for replicability and scale to other contexts.

For detailed application information, please refer to the Request for Applications (PDF).

There is no application fee for the World Bank Challenge.

The finalists will be announced in June 2020*.

Solutions will be evaluated and selected by a diverse and eminent panel of experts from the fields of gender and technology, as well as experts drawn from within the World Bank Group.

A maximum of 12 winners will be selected (maximum of three for each of the four focus areas).

Winners will be notified October 2020*.

Winners will be formally announced at the CES 2021, on Jan. 6-9, 2021*.

Winners will:

  • Receive recognition and brand visibility at CES 2021 as a Global Tech Challenge winner.

  • Engage with governments and World Bank Group teams to potentially scale their solutions within development projects.

  • Access mentorship from technology companies and World Bank leaders to help scale their solutions.

  • Share their stories at multiple international for a, such as CES 2021, regional conferences and the World Bank Group’s Spring and Annual Meetings.

  • Build their professional networks and raise their international profile and brand.

  • Global Tech Challenge winners do not receive a cash prize.

No, the ownership of the winning solutions is not transferred to any entity.

The only rights granted relate to the ability to use information about the technical, logistics or business-critical aspects of the solutions and the teams to share within the World Bank. Finalists and winners will be promoted in conjunction with CES.

*Subject to change due to the global outbreak of COVID-19.

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