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5 Smart Cities Lessons from CES 2020


5 Smart Cities Lessons from CES 2020

Smart cities grow smarter and more connected every day. What are some of the challenges and innovations that the development of smart cities have brought to the table?

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Be part of the discussion on how smart cities growth will influence policies, transportation, cities and towns, our industry and our planet. See innovative technology and hear from global leaders in IoT, 5G connectivity, transportation and smart automotive, energy and utilities, health and public safety, artificial intelligence and data analytics.


Global smart cities spending by 2020

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CES Success Story


For eight decades, Bell has made its name know by building vertical-lift aircraft that saves lives. Now, Bell is using CES to help reinvent itself as a technology company redefining flight. After two years exhibiting at CES, the exposure to potential customers and new partners keeps them coming back.

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The latest on Smart Cities

The Reality of Smart City Development

The smart city market is expected to grow to over $158 billion in 2022. Coming advancements are expected to make everyday life more efficient through traffic patterns and air quality, emergency preparedness, wayfinding and optimal energy consumption.

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