Technology is putting health care directly in the hands of consumers. From remote monitoring products, to wearables to diagnostic solutions, the health care industry is embracing new tools and technologies to enhance the patient experience. See the future of health care at CES.

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Tech Revolutionizing Medicine – If We Let It

Revolutionary technologies have the potential to cure diseases, drive efficiency and bring down barriers between doctors and patients. How do we cut through bureaucracy and regulation to safely and expeditiously bring these new approaches to the marketplace?


Remote monitoring products, wearables and diagnostic solutions are all new technologies that shape today’s lifestyles. When comes to staying up-to-speed, there’s no place like CES for a digital health download. From Fitbit to Phillips, CES is the only venue where the entire digital health ecosystem comes together in one place. Discover the technologies revolutionizing health care and discover what’s possible in the world of digital health.


leaders in digital health at CES 2018


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Robot, MD: How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Health

One of AI’s biggest potential benefits is to help people stay healthy so they don’t need to seek professional care as often. The use of AI in a wide range of connected health applications is already helping people to manage their own health care and engage in healthier lifestyles.

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