Anne Marie Stephen

CEO and Founder, Retail Innovation Lounge

Anne Marie Stephen is a high-impact technology strategist with an expertise in transformation. She is a sought after speaker at the cutting edge of the convergence of technology and commerce. She is founder of Kwolia, an Innovation Advisory and Retail Innovation Lounge. In 2015, she founded Kwolia, a leading innovation firm focused on connecting her network of tech and innovative start-ups with retailers, brands, technology, VC and agencies. Her career experience and expertise introducing new technologies make her uniquely qualified to quickly identify challenges and provide solutions to deliver results for her clients. She is a trusted resource with ability to identify the most valuable technologies and trends for her clients. In March 2016, she created and launched the Retail Innovation Lounge (RIL) event. RIL's mission is to connect innovators with end-users and deliver meaningful content addressing the "HOW" from relevant speakers in an interactive experience.

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