Conal Byrne

President, iHeartPodcast Network

Conal Byrne is the president of the iHeartPodcast Network, the largest commercial podcast network in the world, with studios in Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles producing more than 120 original podcasts and 150 million downloads a month across all platforms where podcasts are consumed. Conal led the launch of the HowStuffWorks’ podcast program 10 years ago; it then became the central focus of that company, closing a $15MM investment from the Raine Group in late 2017, with Conal as CEO. The company was acquired by iHeartMedia in September 2018, to become, with iHeart's existing podcasts, the iHeartPodcast Network. Previously, Conal worked at Discovery Communications, overseeing digital properties across its biggest U.S. networks — from Animal Planet to TLC to Science Channel to Discovery Channel itself. In this capacity, Conal led all digital content around the company's biggest IP, from Shark Week to MythBusters. During his last two years with the company, Conal led the launch of the award-winning Discovery VR platform.

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