John Donovan

CEO, AT&T Communications, AT&T

John Donovan is CEO of AT&T Communications and is responsible for the bulk of AT&T’s global telecommunications and U.S. video services businesses, including its Business, Mobility and Entertainment, and Technology & Operations groups. Previously, he served as chief strategy officer and group president – AT&T Technology and Operations. In that role, he led strategic planning for the company overall. He also led the company’s networks and technologies team, which has driven AT&T’s global leadership in the transition to software-defined networking – with a focus on virtualized or cloud-based network controls – as well as the company’s leadership in the move to 5G networks. Since joining the company in 2008, Donovan has played a role in significantly expanding its innovation program. AT&T is now recognized as an industry leader in working with application developers and others to make AT&T’s network open to collaboration and innovation. He was previously executive vice president of product, sales, marketing and operations at VeriSign Inc., an internet infrastructure company.

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