Michelle McFarlin

Certified Clinical Speech Language Pathologist, Social Communication Connection

Michelle McFarlin is an autism expert who has been one of the lead authors of the Robots4Autism curriculum since its inception with over 20 years’ experience in service to individuals with autism and their families. Michelle has worked in the university clinical setting, as an educational and therapy consultant and as a program coordinator and curriculum writer for early communication language and social skills classrooms. She co-wrote an assessment tool designed for children with severe social communication challenges and served on the Augmentative Communication Team at University of Texas at Dallas - Callier Center for Communication Disorders where she presented at the state and national level. Michelle is founding director of The Social Communication Connection, a private practice specializing in social communication/skills. Michelle is a certified, clinical Speech Language Pathologist who specializes in language, social communication disorders, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

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