Phil Wilson

Managing Director, Telecommunications Strategy & Operations, Deloitte

Philip Wilson leads strategy engagements in the telecommunications sector. Mr. Wilson has over 30 years of strategy and operations experience in telecommunications, both in industry and as a consultant. During this time he has worked in 41 countries. And has spent just over 20 years as a consultant. During his career he was one of the team that obtained the Orange UK license and also led corporate development for TELUS. He has been a key part of teams that have developed new to world technologies including Inverse synthetic aperture radar, the first direct dialed telephone system for aircraft (Skyphone) and the first satellite (Long baseline) differential GPS system. He has published multiple papers on spectrum and spectrum policy, five in the last 4 years. He publishes frequently on a range of topics. This year they have focused on Spectrum, 5G wireless, and Fiber deployment.

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