Richard Margolin

CTO, RoboKind

With a history of involvement in cutting-edge projects, Richard has been a tech innovator for a long time. As he puts it, “Everything I’ve ever been interested in as a hobby or a little artistic venture became a company.” Educated at the University of Texas at Arlington and Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, Richard has worked with MIRA Labs at the University of Geneva, Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Airforce Research Labs. He helped develop purification methods for carbon nanotubes, served as the Engineering Director at a world-renowned humanoid robotics company, and worked in genetics on the Human Genome Project. In 2011 Richard established RoboKind, which creates small, facially expressive robots for use in education. The company’s mission is to provide cost-effective and inclusive education for all, with a focus on teaching social and emotional skills to children on the autism spectrum, as well as STEM education.

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