Terry Miles

Founder and CEO, Minnow Beats Whale

Terry Miles is the founder and CEO of Minnow Beats Whale, a transmedia company specializing in creating storyworlds. From film and television to podcasts and games, Minnow Beats Whale is all about repositioning the storytelling frame. Terry’s first feature film, made while Miles was still in university, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and went on to screen all over the world. Terry was back at the Toronto International Film Festival with his next two films. He's also directed a number of other movies including the western Dawn Rider starring Donald Sutherland and Christian Slater. Terry’s sold numerous pilot scripts to, among others: Hulu, Universal Cable Productions, and NBC and he created the Public Radio Alliance featuring the hit podcasts Tanis, Rabbits and The Last Movie. He also co-created The Black Tapes. Those four podcasts have been collectively downloaded more than 100 million times.

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