Tony Chahine

CEO, Myant Inc.

Tony Chahine is the president and founder of Myant Inc, the world’s first end-to-end Textile Computing™ company based in Toronto, Canada. An entrepreneur since 1990, Tony has a keen eye for spotting disruptive business opportunities. His successes include founding Battery Plus, growing the first innovative battery technology company into a national chain across North America with over 100 stores, and later acquiring Cotton Ginny, repositioning the company’s mandate to forward the production of organic materials for environmental sustainability. Today, Tony is leading Big Data’s last mile toward connecting the human operating system to the digital landscape. Myant focuses on developing a Textile Computing platform, a continuous and seamless interface for human-computer interaction. By embedding biometric sensors and actuators at the nano-scale into textiles, this platform allows for the consumerization and prioritization of healthcare, its efficacy, and improved outcomes.

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